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A.R.Werner is from the beautiful city of San Francisco, California.  She has been a goldsmith for the past 12 years.

 In 2001 she started entering many design competitions and became known for her hands on creations.  

World travels have opened her eyes to a variety of cultural and organic life.  She has been able to incorporate her surroundings into the jewelry.  Love for fine arts has influenced the jewelry designs.  Diversification of interests has rendered her as a creative talent.  

A.R.Werner is skilled on multiple platforms of making fine jewelry with platinum, gold, silver, diamonds and precious stones.

“We are looking forward to the future of A.R.Werner Designs, “Inspiration is a unconquerable world”


In 2002, A.R.W. jewelry designs earned first place in the “Designers By The Bay” show in San Francisco, the event was held at Shreve Co.
A.R.W. is recognized as an accomplished designer and was published in “JCK” magazine.




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